{Black Friday Chronicles} Part III

Sometimes life hands you lessons when you’re least expecting them.  At the mall.  No joke.

I headed out to the mall on actual Black Friday afternoon and not a shocker I had to park a million miles away.  Well not a million miles but at least a quarter of a mile away.  I’ve never been one to circle for 30 minutes to find a close parking spot.  But I never want to park far away either.


But it was Black Friday and I knew that I’d waste more time finding a spot than just parking far away, so I parked in the over flow parking lot.  So I huffed and turned in to park.  And then it hit me.  Didn’t I just cut my Thanksgiving short, to go to great lengths to hide a fitness tracker, in the lunch boxes, in the middle of Black Friday/Thursday chaos so that I could encourage myself to be more active? Oh, right.  So with that I set out to hike, errr walk, towards the mall doors.

What did I learn?  It really isn’t that bad or far of a walk.  Being a little more active is about being smarter.  I felt like I accomplished something good by slightly trying harder.  And from the over flow parking lot to the mall doors clocks in at almost 500 steps (495 steps to be exact).  If you’re trying to hit 10,000 steps a day that’s 10% of your daily goal.


And the journey continues….one step at a time. 

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I bought a Fitbit Flex late last night, but in the picture above I used my iPhone pedometer  app called Pacer.