New Year {New Vision Board}

Happy New Year!  This year I spent my New Year’s Eve doing something I normally don’t do…I brought in 2014 at home, by myself, on my couch.  A few hours before midnight, I went to Whole Foods, got some things to make homemade pizza with and made a pit stop at Michaels for vision board supplies.  So my evening was spent with my homemade pizza, fabulous wine and my remote control flipping through the different New Years Eve shows on television.

While the evening was less exciting than normal, it was productive.  For years I’ve talked about making a vision board and goal lists.  The vision board never seemed to get made and the goal lists were always in my head and never on paper.  I was determined for this year to be different.  And what a better night to get started on it than New Years Eve.

So instead of heading downtown, I lit some candles, pulled together my supplies from my Michaels craft store run and started cutting and gluing (in between pizza bites and wine sips).  The finished product was great.  And even better, it was January 1st and I had already completed one thing on my To Do List.  I’ll take a 100% completion rate 24 hours into the New Year!

Vision boards are a great way to focus your mind and encourage your actions.  This is a personal area of struggle for me so I’m looking forward to having the constant reminder that I can see every day.  Making a vision board is simple.   Here’s what I used to make mine:

  • Stack of Magazines and even Catalogs (only some are photographed below – – some of the best stuff came from my industry trades, O Magazine and Fitness/Self Magazine)
  • 16” x 20” Artist Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Glue





Cut out pictures of people, places, things and quotes that speak to you and will encourage you in your journey – whatever that is.  Some people keep theirs very general and just choose things that are inspirational.  Others may choose to focus on specific things that they want in their life.  Mine is a mixture of both.  Place them on the board however artistically [or not] you want to.

As I did research on vision boards some people suggest that vision boards are good but they lack the “execution” factor.  That made a lot of sense to me so I created Action Lists also.  More on that in another post.  Have you ever made a vision board?   Did it help your journey?

And the journey continues… focused vision at a time.