{Creative} Writing….Back in Session

I wanted to be a lot of things as a kid.  A dancer. A figure skater. A pro tennis player (thanks to Venus and Serena). A lawyer  – so glad that didn’t happen. And on and on and on. One thing that always stayed in the background was being a journalist.  Since I was a […]

Creative {Action + To Do Lists}

This year I found myself making [the same] goals again.  No one wants to admit that quite a few items from your 2008 goals list are still rolling over.  But such is life. After a very candid conversation with a good friend, which ended with the famous quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over […]

January 06

New Year {New Vision Board}

Happy New Year!  This year I spent my New Year’s Eve doing something I normally don’t do…I brought in 2014 at home, by myself, on my couch.  A few hours before midnight, I went to Whole Foods, got some things to make homemade pizza with and made a pit stop at Michaels for vision board […]

December 08

{Cook Your Ass Off} New Show Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I eat, breathe and sleep reality TV.  There are worse things folks. :0)  Anyways, I’ll always give any show or new channel a chance.  So tonight I was doing some cleaning and as I flipped through the TV guide, I saw a show title that said “Cook Your Ass […]

December 05

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part III

Sometimes life hands you lessons when you’re least expecting them.  At the mall.  No joke. I headed out to the mall on actual Black Friday afternoon and not a shocker I had to park a million miles away.  Well not a million miles but at least a quarter of a mile away.  I’ve never been […]

December 02

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part 2: Target

Target is my Happy Place.  But it also gets me in trouble.  Lots of trouble. This year, in an effort to try to curb my spending I relegated myself (and my wallet) to two or three things on Black Friday and minimal trips to Target.  No more random kitchen appliances, towels, useless gadgets and so […]

November 28

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part 1

Hello out there!  I know it’s been a while, but no time like the holidays to connect with old friends!  I had a marvelous Thanksgiving and admittedly ate too much BUT, this journey is about being honest with the world and not making feasts (seconds, leftovers, midnight kitchen runs, etc.) like that a habit. In […]