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January 06

New Year {New Vision Board}

Happy New Year!  This year I spent my New Year’s Eve doing something I normally don’t do…I brought in 2014 at home, by myself, on my couch.  A few hours before midnight, I went to Whole Foods, got some things to make homemade pizza with and made a pit stop at Michaels for vision board […]

December 08

{Cook Your Ass Off} New Show Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I eat, breathe and sleep reality TV.  There are worse things folks. :0)  Anyways, I’ll always give any show or new channel a chance.  So tonight I was doing some cleaning and as I flipped through the TV guide, I saw a show title that said “Cook Your Ass […]

December 05

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part III

Sometimes life hands you lessons when you’re least expecting them.  At the mall.  No joke. I headed out to the mall on actual Black Friday afternoon and not a shocker I had to park a million miles away.  Well not a million miles but at least a quarter of a mile away.  I’ve never been […]

December 02

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part 2: Target

Target is my Happy Place.  But it also gets me in trouble.  Lots of trouble. This year, in an effort to try to curb my spending I relegated myself (and my wallet) to two or three things on Black Friday and minimal trips to Target.  No more random kitchen appliances, towels, useless gadgets and so […]

November 28

{Black Friday Chronicles} Part 1

Hello out there!  I know it’s been a while, but no time like the holidays to connect with old friends!  I had a marvelous Thanksgiving and admittedly ate too much BUT, this journey is about being honest with the world and not making feasts (seconds, leftovers, midnight kitchen runs, etc.) like that a habit. In […]

July 28

{Small Bites} Taco Cupcake Recipe Review

One of my favorite pastimes in life EVER is eating appetizers.  I’ll eat “small bites” for dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, happy hour….or any other reason that it’s time to eat.  I have noticed that when I go to cocktail parties or happy hour, because I’m usually trying to be cute, run my mouth and not […]

July 15

{Acceptable Alternative} Low Fat Cheese Reviews

Friends, before I’ve discussed the importance of finding Acceptable Alternatives (AA) to make your life not miserable on the weight-loss journey.  I mean you have to eat so its important to find alternatives for the “not so good” that let you still have what you want in a healthier way.  That brings us to my […]