{Cook Your Ass Off} New Show Review

Cook Your Ass Off 2Anyone who knows me knows that I eat, breathe and sleep reality TV.  There are worse things folks. :0)  Anyways, I’ll always give any show or new channel a chance.  So tonight I was doing some cleaning and as I flipped through the TV guide, I saw a show title that said “Cook Your Ass Off” and was immediately intrigued.  Even more interesting,  it was on the HLN Channel, which is typically dedicated to news.  They refer to Upwave on HLN so I’m not sure if it’s a new channel that’s coming or block on the channel….it’s not clear but it seems cool.  Upwave, whatever it is, seems to be programming dedicated to healthy mind, body and spirit living.

Cook Your Ass Off is a healthy twist on the traditional run of the mill cooking shows that have become a staple on networks across the spectrum.  Hosted by celebrity chef and former Top Chef contestant Richard Blais, each week three chefs battle to help revamp the unhealthy dishes of a particular person.  If they are the last standing chef, they win $50,000 as well as the chance to help the contestant that they were making meals over for eat healthier after the show is over.

I liked the show and thought it was very well done.  As someone who is trying to figure the whole healthy cooking thing out, I can appreciate that the chefs are trying to come up with alternatives to meals and foods that are traditionally unhealthy.  And who doesn’t love a good cooking show?  The site is a bit clunky but it’s not terribly difficult to find things.  There are a few recipes that I’m going to try this week or next week like Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs.  If you brows around the rest of the site, there is a ton of information on how to tackle eating at parties, things you can do to relax, challenges you can take and much more.  The articles are posted on the website but there is a clear lack of social media presence.  I’m a millennial, I’ll remember to watch your show, click on an article AND try a recipe if it shows up in my feed.  But I digress.

Would I watch again?  Yes.  Do I watch HLN though? Almost never.  What does that mean?  I’m not going to see commercials, promos, etc for the show so I would need remind myself to catch the show on Sundays at 7 PM.  I’m not sure that’s going to happen, but I will try or maybe I’ll just set the DVR!  It appears that I caught episode two and it looks like we’ve got 11 more to go.  I’m excited and LOVE to catch a new show in the beginning!

Cook Your Ass Off Show Rating: B to B-

And the journey continues….one reality show at a time (with one that’s actually teaching me something this time!)