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July 15

{Acceptable Alternative} Low Fat Cheese Reviews

Friends, before I’ve discussed the importance of finding Acceptable Alternatives (AA) to make your life not miserable on the weight-loss journey.  I mean you have to eat so its important to find alternatives for the “not so good” that let you still have what you want in a healthier way.  That brings us to my […]

Wakeup Calls Come Whether You Want Them Or Not

I always say that during this journey to ONEderland, I need to be open to receiving inspiration wherever and whenever it comes to me. Today I had my first day off of work in a long time.  I had planned on using the time to catch up on some schoolwork but then for some reason […]

Candyland Pit Stop

Over the course of a year, there are always a few pit stops to Candyland, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, random stops in peoples offices.  I would love to say this weight loss journey would involve avoiding these holidays BUT I’m realistic people.  Growing up my family never really celebrated Halloween but that doesn’t mean that I […]

Hanging on to Hope – Round 2 – WKMG Get Fit Club

As promised, here is my update!  I enter contests the same way I play the lotto.  I get REALLY excited for a day or two about my prospects and then let it go and don’t expect to hear anything and I usually don’t.  So I wrote my mini essay for the Local 6 Get Fit […]

When Life Hands You Lemons….

I know its been a while, but I’m baaaaack as summer kicks off!  This past week I had a lot of ups and downs again at the office and in my personal life but the difference between my life a few weeks ago and this week was that I had complete control over what I […]

Eco Chic — Copco Clear To Go Tumbler

Earth Day was this past week so I decided to talk a little about what I’m doing to be eco-friendly while I lose weight!   I’m not really the most green person out there, in fact even though I try, I’m not very green at all, its not one of those things that I just automatically […]

Unless the Lord Himself is Serving You…Weigh It Yourself

On this journey I’m learning that weighing in happens on all fronts.  This week I learned that you can’t really trust what thepackage or the the person who gives you the serving tells you.  Just how you might “underestimate” how much a half cup is or how big a three ounce piece of chicken is, […]