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Journal or Bust — Food Journals

Just a reminder to journal everything you eat this week including bite, licks and tastes!  As you take this journey sometimes brutal honesty is key even if you get to day 3 of your week and realize that you have eaten all of your Flex Points (been there, done that).  Slinderella, Helen my leader and […]

Unless the Lord Himself is Serving You…Weigh It Yourself

On this journey I’m learning that weighing in happens on all fronts.  This week I learned that you can’t really trust what thepackage or the the person who gives you the serving tells you.  Just how you might “underestimate” how much a half cup is or how big a three ounce piece of chicken is, […]

Tracking Speed Bump

Well, I was hoping nothing would happen during this week of tracking, but alas something did!  I’ve spent the last 36 hours wheezing and coughing and sneezing with some nasty cold.  So to be honest I ate when I wanted when I actually felt like eating with no regard to points or calories.  I don’t […]

Marathon Tracking — Tracking Marathon

I have a new challenge this week on my plate literally.  This lovely tracking marathon, which we will see if I think is lovely a week  from now came from Slinderella!  I am going to track every BLT (bite, lick & taste) — smells are free points.  When I track I know that I have […]