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July 15

{Acceptable Alternative} Low Fat Cheese Reviews

Friends, before I’ve discussed the importance of finding Acceptable Alternatives (AA) to make your life not miserable on the weight-loss journey.  I mean you have to eat so its important to find alternatives for the “not so good” that let you still have what you want in a healthier way.  That brings us to my […]

When Life Hands You Lemons….

I know its been a while, but I’m baaaaack as summer kicks off!  This past week I had a lot of ups and downs again at the office and in my personal life but the difference between my life a few weeks ago and this week was that I had complete control over what I […]

“Unintentional” Confessional

I’m not Catholic, but I go to confessional every week…..Let me explain.  Every week, my bathroom — or Weight Watchers meeting, becomes an “unintentional” confessional.  The scale doesn’t lie and in fact it lets me know if I’ve been good or if I’ve indulged in one to many guilty pleasures that week.  Imagine that!  An […]

My Journey to ONEderland Begins…..

We are starting a new decade and I won’t spend the next decade the way I spent the last half of this decade.  So……out with the old and in with the NEW!  This is my personal journey BACK to the 100’s on the scale. Check out my blog as I share my tips, tricks, reviews, […]