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Redefining & Remembering Goals

I had a few revelations in my personal and professional life over the past two weeks which means that its time to revist my short term goals. I’m going to work on a couple of things and I’m finding that for me it works better if I’m accountable to do something every day.  All these […]

Tracking Speed Bump

Well, I was hoping nothing would happen during this week of tracking, but alas something did!  I’ve spent the last 36 hours wheezing and coughing and sneezing with some nasty cold.  So to be honest I ate when I wanted when I actually felt like eating with no regard to points or calories.  I don’t […]

Marathon Tracking — Tracking Marathon

I have a new challenge this week on my plate literally.  This lovely tracking marathon, which we will see if I think is lovely a week  from now came from Slinderella!  I am going to track every BLT (bite, lick & taste) — smells are free points.  When I track I know that I have […]