{Meal Planning} Research Phase

Menu Planner Occasionally, well maybe more than occasionally, it hits me that I’m working hard not smart.  The way I plan my meals and eat fell into that category this week.

I’m on the hunt for a better way to plan out my meals for the week.  Not only do I think it would help me stay on track, I think it would allow me to budget better!  I’ve got some big savings goals in the next 12 months, so I’m analyzing almost everything that I do including how I budget and shop for food which by default is going to I think change how I eat food.  I’ll be looking for a few things over the next week or so…..

  • Old Fashioned Pen & Paper
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Other (there is always the random finding you never thought you’d stumble on!)

How do you plan for shopping and/or your meals?  Have you gone all digital, are you a die-hard pen and paper fan or do you use some hybrid form of the two?

And the journey continues….one list at a time!