Info in ONEderland: Downsize Fitness

Ask me to describe myself in five words or less and I’ll give you the following answer “I’m an info-obsessed creative.”

I’m one of those people that has a need to know more – – about everything!  And by everything I mean the good, bad, ugly, funny, trendy, obscure and everything in between.  As I find those things that peak my interest I’ll share them with you too in a segment called “Info in ONEderland.”

My latest interesting find is Downsize Fitness.  I was watching 20/20 on ABC and this great company got a mention on a segment that they did on the show.  I did what I do when I’m curious; I start searching and researching for more info!

According to Downsize Fitness’ website they were:

Developed specifically with chronically overweight and obese individuals in mind, DOWNSIZE Fitness provides a welcoming environment that eliminates the self-conscious and alienating atmosphere felt in most conventional gyms. Downsize Fitness is modeled after hit TV show,” The Biggest Loser,” yet it is structured to be more realistic, both from a financial and time perspective. Every Downsize Fitness member works with a trainer every time they come to the gym. The trainer not only takes them through their workouts, but also holds them accountable for their diet.

Another interesting fact about this great gym is that members need to be overweight to join.    I’m fascinated by the process and think it’s awesome that the creators are focusing on an entirely new way to help those of us trying to lose weight.  I’m a big fan of using the niche approach to losing weight.  That can be a place like Downsize Fitness, OrangeTheory Fitness, some type of boot camp class or anything else you can think of.  They’re great places to focus on achieving your goals or compliment the traditional gym.

Have you found a unique gym concept or workout thats helping you stay on track?

And the journey to ONEderland continues. . .