Picture Evidence: November 2012

I did it, I hired a trainer!  I’ve been fighting it for quite some time, largely because I couldn’t afford it.  But as I said to my trainer when I met with him, “I can’t afford you but I can’t afford to not have you any more.”  So I’ve done some budgeting, re-budgeting and then a little more budgeting and finally I found a way to do it.

One of the first things we did during our first meeting was to sit down and face reality which included weighing in, measuring – – the whole nine yards.  I go to Weight Watchers weekly so I had an idea of what my weight was.  However, oddly enough, since it was just me looking at the number things didn’t seem as bad as I knew it was.  Now, I have someone else looking at my weight and questioning why things are or aren’t working. 

My initial goal is to lose 40 pounds before my friends wedding.  It’s a little aggressive, but I think I can get there in five months.  If I focus on the bigger goal, I’m pretty sure I’ll get overwhelmed so I’m starting small for now.

You will see in this post a horrid photo of me, without my hair done after a workout.  I’m only posting in the spirit of being transparent so everyone can see my progress.  Next month I plan to look MUCH better, LOL.

I did some research on the best things to do to maintain momentum and almost everyone says to take photos.  If you look at yourself every day, it’s hard to see progress but photos don’t lie! I’m not sure how often I’ll take pictures, I’m thinking once a month is good, but we’ll see.

I’m brewing a creative plan in my head to show my progress photos.   Do you take photos to show measure your progress and have you done anything fun with them?

And the journey to ONEderland continues. . . .