Picture Evidence: Part I

You probably already know, but I thought I’d point out the definition of a picture.  I have a point I promise!

pic-ture pronounced [pik-cher] | Noun, picture; verb, picturing

  1. a visual representation of a person, object, or scene, as a painting, drawing, photograph, etc
  2. any visible image, however produced
  3. a mental image
  4. a particular image or reality as portrayed in an account or description; depiction; version.

For those of us tackling the weight loss journey we tend to have a hard time taking pictures.  It’s not because we don’t like them but because its often a ___________ look at where you are.  Just pick your word: sad, realistic, scary, sickening, frustrating or similar.

  While I’m no expert, I am starting to realize at least in this particular area of my life that I need to acknowledge the problems in order to fix it.  I’m a consummate workaholic and to be honest if I was a business, I would’ve dug in, looked for and addressed the problem a long time ago.

One way that you can address and document your weight loss is to take photos along the way.  While the small weight losses week to week may not be a lot, comparing yourself month to month can be quite the motivator and I think I’m going to try it!  Here are some tips when documenting your journey in photos.

  1. Wear something that actually shows your weight loss.  We all love baggy clothes but leave them out of the photos.  Some people suggest being in your underwear or a bathing suit.  I think not.  But I’ll do what I can.
  2. Take a full body shot.  We all lose weight in different places first, our face, chest, stomach or legs.  Make sure you can see it!
  3. Take front, back and side shots.
  4. Take pictures often!

Will you or do you document your journey in photos (no matter how painful)?

And the journey to ONEderland continues. . . .documented in photos along the way