{My Tech Arsonal} Runkeeper App Review

As promised, here is the first of a few [tech tools] that I’m using on my journey to ONEderland.

I recently switched from an Android phone to the new iPhone 5.  I’m an Apple girl and knew that if I wanted to I could streamline all areas of my life, including my workouts, if I looked hard enough to find the right tools.  I found a few things but first we’ll start with Runkeeper.

Runkeeper is a mobile app designed to allow you to track your running, walking or biking activities.  The Runkeeper folks say it’s a personal trainer for your pocket.  I’m not sure that I would go that far, but it’s pretty darn good.

Great Features

  • If I’m working out outside, the GPS tracker feature allows me to see a map of where I‘ve gone.  I found this feature to be very accurate.
  • Runkeeper has several training plan options that will put you on a plan to achieve whatever your goals are.

  • It’s nice to hear your pace, heart rate and distance in the midst of your workout.
  • You get emails after every workout that encourages you based on new milestones that you’ve hit.  For instance, I got an email on the day that I walked my longest distance or on the day that I walked my fastest pace.

My Favorite Features

  • Runkeeper allows you to set goals for yourself and each time you workout you can see how you’re tracking against those goals.  I set a goal to walk 100 miles by the end of the year.  Below you can see how I’m doing!

  • I can connect my Polar heart rate monitor to the app and get real time feedback on my heartrate which more accurately predicts my calories burned. (More on this in an upcoming post).

If you’re looking for a great app that will allow you to track your workouts, this is definitely one to consider.  What apps do you use to help keep your workout on track?  Do you use your phone or something else?

And the journey to ONEderland continues. . . .