Wakeup Calls Come Whether You Want Them Or Not

I always say that during this journey to ONEderland, I need to be open to receiving inspiration wherever and whenever it comes to me.

Today I had my first day off of work in a long time.  I had planned on using the time to catch up on some schoolwork but then for some reason this morning I started thinking about what it’s going to take to be [more] successful.  I admit, I haven’t been going to my Weight Watchers meetings and my weight loss has parked or gone slightly up the last few weeks.  I sat down and had a moment with myself and literally had the urge to go to a Weight Watchers meeting.  It was strange, I felt the urge to be encouraged and needed to find a way at that moment to get some.

There was a meeting happening at 11:30 am, so I got dressed and went.  The group wasn’t my usual group, but when it was over, I was glad that they weren’t.  There were 10 women and 1 man and if I had to guess (low) the average age was probably 65 – – nowhere near my age group.

I sat towards the back of the room and listened to them talk about what they had done well over the past week and I sat and listened to story after story about how their weight caused all kinds of health problems including diabetes, hypertension, asthma and the list goes on.  There was a common theme in all of their stories — their weight had gotten so out of control that triggered a health scare that caused them to have a wakeup call; and not the kind that you want.

All of us know that the bad things are bad for us.  We know the pizza, cookies and cakes, fatty foods, unnecessary carbs are NOT on the list of things that will turn our lives and bodies around and send us in another direction.  But why do so many of us, including myself) struggle with diet after diet?  I want to know why I rationalize starting over again and again.  I suppose if it were easy to understand and fix, the diet industry wouldn’t be a billion dollar one.

The lesson: At some point you have to say it’s not worth it.

The challenge: Will you say it’s not worth it now or when something drastic happens?

The BIGGER challenge: Can you say it’s not worth it right now?

I’ll be honest, I have an incredibly hard time staying focused on this one particular area of my life.  I’m actually a workaholic – – perhaps I overcompensate in that area to make up for others I don’t do so well in?  I need to find the same focus and drive that I have for my job for my health.  I don’t want to end up with a terrible disease that forces me to change and I certainly don’t want something worse to happen to me.  But I’m still searching for whatever is getting me off track so I can fix it and move on.

I’ll say it: I need help focusing.  What helps you stay focused?

And the journey to ONEderland continues. . . .even if it goes slow and occasionally off track.