{It’s Time for a Healthy (Re)Start}

I’m preaching to the choir if I tell everyone it takes a lot of mental energy to focus (and stay focused) on a weight loss plan.  I’ve been on this journey for quite some time now and while I know staying on track with diet an exercise will get me there, I’ve also found that having little motivators and ways to track my progress are key.  However, I do have what I refer to as “self-diagnosed ADD,” which constantly pulls my brain in other directions.  Unfortunately, I’ve gotten a bit off track (my nice way of say parked).  So as I reinvigorated my journey, I set out to incorporate some things that are fun and functional and that also would peak my interest enough to keep me going day after day.  That’s a tall order, but one I’m not afraid to tackle.

I’ve been on the hunt to have a healthy start (yes, again) and will be sharing what I found with you guys in my next few posts.  What do you use to keep you going?

And the journey continues. . .with a few gadgets and gizmos to help me have a healthy start.