Breakfast Boredom – HELP!

I’m in a rut and need some help getting out. . . I eat the SAME four or five things for breakfast almost every day.  I can’t do it anymore so I’m reaching out to you for help!  Here’s my run down:

  • Chobani Greek Yogurt (Strawberry or Peach) with Special K Low Fat Granola
  • Hard Boiled Egg withTurkeyBacon or Sausage
  • Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar High Fiber Oatmeal
  • Boost or Ensure
  • Cheerios

And that’s about it. . .so I’m sure you can see why I’m currently bored with my breakfast selections.  Over the years I’ve learned boredom is a pattern and does NOT have to be my reality.  So, I’m looking to solve this boredom issue and I’ll take anything you’ve got!  Recipes, new combinations, non-traditional – you name it I’ll consider it.  I have a few criteria for my morning meals:

  1. Have to be quick (I’m always running late to begin with)
  2. Have to be filling (looking for more protein options maybe)
  3. I’m open to new AND different!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys eat!

And the journey continues. . . .