Extra Dessert Delights Do Delight

Remember in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” when Violet was walking through Wonka’s factory and they started talking about gum?  Willy Wonka had created a three-course meal gum where the main course was roast beef.  It was a movie so anything could be dreamed up and no one really thought that Willy Wonka’s magical creations really existed.  However…Willy Wonka is alive and well if you hadn’t heard.  Actually, to clarify, his spirit is alive and well and has expertly been channeled into Extra gum of all things.

I’ve been walking past Extra’s Dessert Delight gum for months and curiously looked at it every time I found myself tapping my foot in a checkout line.  Today, my curiosity got the best of me and I grabbed a pack and threw it in my cart.  I had the option between Apple Pie and Orange Crème Pop.  I actually had a taste for Cracker Barrel’s sinful Apple Dumpling, so I figured Apple Pie gum was a stab in the dark at taming this craving.  I popped a piece in my mouth and was SHOCKED!  It tasted like apple pie!  Literally.  I’m not sure if it really could replace an Apple Dumpling if I HAVE to have one, but it is a fun after dinner alternative to chew for a few minutes.  I definitely give this one two thumbs up.  You need to try it if you haven’t already!  This is definitely an Acceptable Alternative!

And the journey continues…with pie for snacks along the way!