Wandering Back Home

I spent the summer wandering.  I don’t mean I wasted gas riding around, we are in a recession after all people.  I just wasn’t mentally focused.  I could try to come up with a million reasons why but none of them were worth it.  I’m not really any better off than I was two months ago and I’m kind of aggravated about it but, eh, such is life.

Instead of focusing on the things that had me all over the place, I’m going to focus on the handful of things that usually help keep me focused.

1. Weight Watchers – over the years I have actually come to love going to my meetings especially now that I have a leader that I love.  When I don’t go, I don’t stay accountable.
2. Tracking – Another thing I need to remember to do is to track, track, track.  If you write it down then you are again accountable.
3. Exercise – I hate doing it but I love the results.  No need to explain here, we all know exercise does wonders for weight loss and just how you feel in general.

4. Goal Setting – Even if they are little goals, I have to set something to reach for.

As we all know it is always easier said than done.  But I’m going to set a goal to actually do all of these things this week.
One glimmer of hope that I want to share.  I went to my WW meeting today, stepped on the scale and braced for a crazy number to hit me.  I found out that during my little summer of wandering I only gained 3.6 pounds since my last weigh in almost 8 weeks ago!  I normally don’t celebrate a gain BUT this time I do have something to celebrate.  The old me would have probably gained a ton of weight, for me wandering meant free-for-alls.  It seems that while I haven’t mastered everything yet because I have a long way to go, my definition of “letting loose” has changed.  I don’t quite let as loose as I used to which is a great thing!  Even now when I eat is better, my portions are smaller, my choices are wiser.  That in and of itself is a victory!  Do I have a long way to go?  Of course, but again I’m getting wiser on this journey.

And the journey continues….