Journal or Bust — Food Journals

Just a reminder to journal everything you eat this week including bite, licks and tastes!  As you take this journey sometimes brutal honesty is key even if you get to day 3 of your week and realize that you have eaten all of your Flex Points (been there, done that).  Slinderella, Helen my leader and my other WW leader friend all swear by journaling and I’m starting to think that they’re on to something.  I made it my 3 month summer goal to lose 20lbs and journal every day.

What’s the worst that can happen if you journal?  The undercover WW investigators aren’t going to come flying into your house and question you BUT you will know exactly what you need to do to either stay on track or get back on track.  I know journaling is a chore sometimes when you just want to eat and not think, but isn’t the mindless eating what got you hear in the first place?

Here are a few ways to journal for my WW friends and those just looking to journal ranging from free to $20+:

WW Etools (included with WW membership)

WW 3 Month Journal (see photo below, approx $5-$8 at local WW mtg)

WW Weekly Journal (get it free from your local WW mtg)

Fitbook (see photo below, not the cheapest option approx $20, but you know I like super cute and compact!)

Free Printable Food Journal by FitSugar (not the same as Fitbook above)

Check out the Dollar section at your local Target for notebooks

– Back to school is coming in a few months….check the back to school aisle for super cute calendars and notbooks that you can use to record your daily food and exercise.

A WW leader once said…..EVEN IF YOU DON’T JOURNAL IT, YOUR BUTT WILL.And that pretty much sums up why we need to journal and be honest.  I’m just saying.

And the journey continues……