And then life happened…

This week I experienced one of the things I hate about this process that I don’t handle very well.  Chaos.

I hate to say it but the reason I am where I am today is because I didn’t handle stress (or a crazy schedule) very well.  This week I worked 65 hours, ate crap, didn’t exercise or sleep and paid for it on the scale.  It’s as simple as that.  This week all of the things that I try to work on little by little, the eating, tracking what I eat, exercising more, not being a crazy workaholic all went awry this week.  As I’m learning to do every week, I just reflect, face the music and see what I learned that I will do different the next week.

I learned that you HAVE to plan your meals or you will eat whatever is easiest (not a good idea) instead of what is healthy.   I learned that you have to get in a few minutes of exercise each week even if its minimal and it makes a world of difference if only to clear your head.  I learned that in order to face the truth you have to at least write down what you did and how you felt so you can fix those feelings when they arise again.  I learned that you have to sleep, if you don’t you won’t make clear decisions thus resulting in eating whatever you want and just vegging instead of working out.  And finally I learned, life happens so if you make it a habit to prepare in advance then when life goes awry, you’ll just go with the flow and your weight hopefully won’t suffer.

And the journey continues….