Eco Chic — Copco Clear To Go Tumbler

Earth Day was this past week so I decided to talk a little about what I’m doing to be eco-friendly while I lose weight!   I’m not really the most green person out there, in fact even though I try, I’m not very green at all, its not one of those things that I just automatically think to do….but I will admit if I find a “cool” green item, I’m all about it so in my own way I’m making my carbon footprint smaller.  Side note to those of you who create those green products, try coming up with things that look cool.  Let me explain.  For instance I’m now into carrying bags into the grocery store with me.  Why you ask?  Well of course I’m trying to save plastic yada, yada, yada but finally people came up with trendy reusable grocery bags that look cool.  Of course I should want to save the earth because I ummm I live on it, but I’m being honest, I’m busy and there are a few other things a tad bit higher on my list that I’m concerned about right now.

I have discovered that if I don’t have to think to hard about something then I will do it.  This applies to weight loss and being green.  I’m busy people, I don’t have time to process how to turn my eggshells and banana skins into compost but I will reuse a cup!  Let me introduce you to my latest obsession….the Copco Eco-First Sierra Tumbler.  The cup is made of plastic but is BPA free, it comes with a straw that is much sturdier than the average, a rubber “sleeve” that makes it easy to grip and the cup is dishwasher safe.  It holds 24 oz of liquid and looks uber cool on a desk at work!  The only thing that could make it a smidge, just a smidge better, would be if it was lined so it didn’t sweat, but it doesnt’ sweat too bad and thats nothing a coaster can’t fix!   For my Weight Watchers friends out there, you can have two and  a half “cool” cups a day to get in all of your liquid.  Plus its a known fact that if you drink out of a straw you drink more (I can attest to this) so get your water in folks!

We all have to find the little things that keep us moving in the right direction whether its finding something that makes your lifestyle a little healthier or doing something to be a little greener and if you can manage to look a little cool doing it,  while its not required, its a great bonus!

What I’m doing to make my weight loss journey a little greener:

– Use fun water bottles and cups to get in my water while I’m working out and during the day at work

– Buy larger servings and measure them out in reusable containers instead of ziploc bags

– Put my lunch into reusable containers instead of ziploc bags

– Cut back on how much take-out I buy…this one is saving my wallet, the earth and my waistline

As a second side note, if you carry this cup around with you at the mall to be “cool” so you can have a drink while you shop (am I the only one who has to get a coffee-like beverage while I shop?) while still avoiding one of Starbucks sugary delights don’t put down your empty cup anywhere like you might a mall bought coffee beverage.  I have already replaced mine after a lost cup at the mall fiasco.  Just a suggestion.

And the journey continues (a little greener)…..