Unless the Lord Himself is Serving You…Weigh It Yourself

On this journey I’m learning that weighing in happens on all fronts.  This week I learned that you can’t really trust what thepackage or the the person who gives you the serving tells you.  Just how you might “underestimate” how much a half cup is or how big a three ounce piece of chicken is, everyone else does too unless they weigh it.  Unless the Lord himself is serving you, no one else is a mind reader and can tell you how much something weighs.  This week I bought two scales, one to take to work so I have NO EXCUSE to not know how much food I’m consuming and a new one to keep at home. 

I work in a restaurant so I know that you can find out how many ounces of something is in a recipe.  For food cost reasons all restaurants know generally how many ounces, cups, etc they are serving you (trust me when I tell you they have a pretty good idea)!  What they don’t account for is the person cooking the food throws in a few more ounces of cheese or a few extra fries on the plate because it looks empty or the person who prepped the food got lazy and once again folks….estimated when they cut the chicken, etc.  Its a little difficult to do in a restaurant without looking like a complete whack job, but if you’re getting take-out or ordering lunch in the office or just measuring out your dinner WEIGH IT!  I had no idea that even though they told me I was eating three ounces of chicken I was really eating four or vice versa, what I thought was five ounces was really just over three and a half!  Points are hard to come by so I don’t want to cheat myself by shorting points or even worse overestimating points when I might be able to save a point or two!

This week my goal is to TRACK EVERYTHING…..I’m back on the band wagon with that challenge Slinderella issued a few weeks ago.  I’m hoping to get as close to accurate as I can with my points in as many situations as I can.  I’ll report back next week to let everyone know how it went as well as some of the revelations I discover!

And the journey continues…..