Weight Watchers & Jennifer Hudson Partner Together

For months now, people have been asking what on earth has Jennifer Hudson been doing to look so good.  Well yesterday we found out, it was Weight Watchers!  Weight Watchers announced their newest spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson! Following in the footsteps of celebs like Jenny McCarthy, Hudson is the star of the new “Because it Works” campaign.  Kudos to Jennifer Hudson for picking Weight Watchers and sticking to it.  As the campaign shows…clearly it works.  Now if I can just get myself on track…but thats a blog for another day!  Jennifer said something in one of her interviews that caught my ear.  It was very matter-of-fact and profound at the same time.  Jennifer was asked, “what drives you?”  To which she responded “If you don’t like something, change it.  Don’t sit in a situation that you’re not happy in.  If you don’t like something fix it.”  Of course one of those quotes that you’ve heard before, a million times in fact, but maybe I just needed to hear it this week so it was extra significant to me.

Kudos to Jennifer Hudson on her  fabulous new body!  Double kudos to Weight Watchers for not only telling her inspiring story but for also showcasing an African American spokeswoman!   Weight loss and healthy eating is something that the African American community struggles with and great examples like Jennifer Hudson are defnitely needed.  While weight loss isn’t a black or white issue, it takes all kinds of people to inspire those of us on the quest to lose!  This year as I continue my journey I’m going to try to find a people or stories to inspire my weight loss.  So far Slinderella’s Story and Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers story are keeping me in the gym.

And the journey continues….