Well, its not really an emergency, but it might as well be.  I’m not getting married but my friend who I have known since middle school invited me to be one of her bridesmaids.  I of course was flattered and then reality set in after I came down from my “happy” place and I of course realized that meant I was going to have to be in someone’s permanent wedding pictures.  Everyone who knows me knows that I HATE to take pictures and even more than taking the pictures I HATE the way I look in them.

Last year I was in one of my best friends weddings and it was one of the most excruciating times of my life.  I should have been happy that I could be a part of her special day but instead I was obsessed with how fat I was going to look in my dress.  I of course smiled my way through that day but inside I was a wreck.  My friends always tell me I’m too hard on myself and to remember that obviously my friends knew what I looked like when they asked me to be in their wedding and they love me no matter what, yada, yada, yada.  But I’m so self-conscious about how I look that the whole idea stresses me out.

I only had a few weeks to get ready for that wedding and now I have a few months so I plan to make the best of it.  PLUS the dresses that my friend picked are pretty and will be fun to wear, but if I don’t lose a few pounds (well more than a few) it definitely will not flatter me.  So the blessing in that is that I don’t really have a choice but to lose weight!  Hey…sometimes you need the proverbial gun held to you head!  If getting in shape for one of my oldest friends weddings doesn’t motivate me, I don’t know what will.  So on top of my other training, my own “Bridal Boot Camp” has commenced!

Plus, as a bonus there will be a few cute single men there so I would hate to not put my best foot forward!  There is always a silver lining somewhere out there!  I had actually prayed for more inspiration and of course God and his innate sense of humor delivered.  Be careful what you pray for folks.  So as this journey continues, I’m learning that life throws you lots of curve balls, in this case a wedding, and sometimes you just have to run with it.  

And the journey continues….