Redefining & Remembering Goals

I had a few revelations in my personal and professional life over the past two weeks which means that its time to revist my short term goals. I’m going to work on a couple of things and I’m finding that for me it works better if I’m accountable to do something every day.  All these years later (go figure it took so long, I’m just now discovering that I need to have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.  Call me crazy…but I need to feel like I’ve actually done something every day rather than waiting until the end of the week or the end of the month to see if I “suceeded.”  Don’t get me wrong, I think there are somethings better left to be checked weekly or monthly, really I’m talking about weightloss folks, LOL.  But my goal this week (yes these are goals within goals) is to set my daily, weekly and monthly goals.


  • Track EVERYTHING I Eat
  • Exercise for 45-60 Minutes
  • Actually Eat my Fruit & Vegetable Servings


  • Attend a Weight Watchers Meeting — This One I Really Need to Do, Another Accountability Checker
  • Read Something For Pleasure — Not for Work
  • Talk to a Friend I Haven’t Spoken to in a Long Time


  • Reevealuate Goals at End of Month — Set New Goals if Necessary
  • Do Something Twice to Further My Career
  • Do Something Once a Month to Make Me Happy

We’ll see how this goes!  Tomorrow starts day one of goal setting and tracking.  I guess my Weight Watchers tracking and goal setting is applicable to life too.  You have make a plan to get where you’re trying to go (especially if you don’t know where you’re going) its just that simple.  I mean I wouldn’t go somewhere I’ve never been without my GPS so why would I try to conquer this mountain without a plan either.