You Know You’re a Weight Watcher When…

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself during the weight loss journey!  My fellow weight watchers, and those who know one, will laugh along with me at some of these that I came across….thanks Getting2Goal!  I’ll post some more in a few weeks when I need another laugh!

Here are some of my favorites!  You know you’re a weight watcher when….

  • Everyone at your lunch table is asking you to figure the POINTS on their lunch.
  • You don’t want to share ANY of your food with anyone because you’ve measured it and know exactly how many POINTS are in it.
  • You weigh yourself before and after going to the bathroom just to see how much of a difference it makes.
  • When eating dinner instead of asking “what’s for dinner?” you ask “how many points are we having for dinner?”
  • You mark all the food boxes in the house with points per serving.
  • You replace your college diploma with your 50-pound magnet, now which one was really tougher to earn?!?!
  • Everywhere you go, you take along two ‘purses’. Your regular purse, and your Weight Watcher’s Black Bag
  • “On the Side” and “How many points is that” become your most uttered phrases.
  • You ask your WW leader to bring in a curtain so you can weigh-in naked. **NOTE: I haven’t asked this BUT the thought ran through my mind!!**

Keep laughing on the journey…