“Unintentional” Confessional

I’m not Catholic, but I go to confessional every week…..Let me explain. 

Every week, my bathroom — or Weight Watchers meeting, becomes an “unintentional” confessional.  The scale doesn’t lie and in fact it lets me know if I’ve been good or if I’ve indulged in one to many guilty pleasures that week.  Imagine that!  An inanimate object tells you when you’ve sinned without saying a word.  Like a real confessional, actually acknowledging what you did isn’t a bad idea, it’s all about accountability no matter how difficult it is to admit OR see it.  I will say, there are some weeks I go running in ready to show that I’ve been good all week and other times I have my head hung as I try to come up with an excuse of what happened as I face the reality of my week.

This week I had a doctors appointment and it wasn’t until I got into the examining room and the nurse said “ok hun, go ahead and hop on that scale” that I remembered I would have to go to a “confessional” I hadn’t prepared for.  I already hate to weigh myself and this was making me almost break out into hives.  I have been working crazy hours and have missed a couple Weight Watchers meetings and I have been avoiding “confessional” at home.  But I got on and good news was delivered!  Even though this was unplanned and wasn’t my official weigh in….it showed me down 4 pounds (insert loud wooooohooooo) at 5:00 pm not 7:00 am.  My last official weigh in was about 3 weeks ago so you can see why I was thrilled.  Side note:  I know all of the tricks…if I weigh early in the day, I weigh less!  Hey sometimes you do what you have to do to encourage yourself!  In any case, sometimes going to “confessional” when you don’t want to or expect to keeps you going down the right path and I found that out this week!

And the journey continues…..