Les Mills RPM {Not Your Average Cycling Class}

This is the story of how I came to find a workout I never thought I would try.  A little over a year ago, my friend Kay told me about this fabulous cardio workout that she swore by that she said kept her in great shape.  I was one of those people that was “working out” at the gym but not really working out (I’m the poster child of why you hire a personal trainer) so I finally decided to come and try out this cycling thing Kay swore by.  SIDE NOTE: She had all the gear, the shorts, the shirts, “official” cycling shoes — very Lance Armstrong-ish.  I was a little apprehensive because the people in the class ALL had the same gear and I hate feeling like I stick out, I was already the fat girl and now people were going to look at me because I didn’t fit in.  I totally understand why people feel like they need to lose weight to go to the gym to avoid those exact feelings.  In most exercise classes you can hide in the back but the cycling room isn’t really that big (only 30 bikes in our class) so it’s kind of hard to hide.  I got to class the Sunday after Thanksgiving and Ben (now my fav instructor) helped me set up my bike.  I got on and my butt and other regions hurt immediately….that right there told me it was going to be a long 45 minutes. On that fateful Sunday I tried to do the hills, speed track without much luck, I actually barely made it through the class without falling over.  Now remember, I thought I was working out so I found out just how out of shape I really was.  I managed to make it out of class only mildly cursing my friend out and trying not to walk too funny.  Let me put it this way…it was a very painful next few days as my butt and other regions tried to figure out why I had subjected them to that kind of pain!  The next day, Kay promised me that she would buy me a padded seat if I promised her I would try it again.  She swore I would be hooked.  Certain I wouldn’t be hooked….I came back.

Well a year later, I still have that padded seat and try to cycle 2 to 3 times a week!  While I don’t like to admit to Kay or my instructors Sue and Ben that I love RPM, I’ll say it folks, I ACTUALLY LOVE RPM!  There aren’t many workouts that I can do that give me as good of a workout and make me feel as accomplished as that class!  I’m definitely not the smallest person in the class, by a loooong shot, but I would never have thought I could not only make it through an entire class but actually keep up with the veterans (you know — the Lance Armstrong-ish people like my friend Kay).  I have a long way to go and now as hopefully is evident in this blog actually take seriously all aspects of my lifestyle change which means the torture in RPM won’t be for nothing!  When I think of how hard I work in RPM, the new me takes it as a reminder that I DON’T want to cheat just because I burned 650 calories in class (according to my bodybugg) but rather I need to use that to encourage myself to stay on track.  I’m finding it’s all in how you look at things.  Long story short, I never thought I would say “I LOVE”  in front of any exercise classes name…but then again I never thought I would like brussel sprouts but hey times change and so do people!!

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you haven’t tried cycling….try it 3 times and then decide if you want to come back.  I know, I know 3 times is a lot BUT after the first time I know you probably won’t feel like coming back so that doesn’t count (bring a padded seat it lessens the pain).  But it gets better!  Trust me, if I can come around, I bet a bunch of you will come around too!