Marathon Tracking — Tracking Marathon

I have a new challenge this week on my plate literally.  This lovely tracking marathon, which we will see if I think is lovely a week  from now came from Slinderella!  I am going to track every BLT (bite, lick & taste) — smells are free points.  When I track I know that I have good results.  When I don’t track, its hit or miss.  The key is to write ALL of it down and not cheat.

Weight Watchers makes it easy to track with their handy weekly paper trackers, online Etools system, tracking apps for iPhone and web access from your mobile phone should literally make it impossible for me to come up with an excuse not to track since I should minimally have access to one of those tracking tools.  Almost everyone who knows me knows that there are a few things that you will never see me without and one of those things is my beloved Blackberry. <shout out to my fellow bb lovers>  So I should be able to at least jump online and pull up mobile weight watchers!

Actually, to be honest, the tracking isn’t the hard part, its acknowledging that you had a little more than a 1/2 cup of something or writing down when the portion size that was really supposed to be 10 pieces turned out to be 13 and the broken half piece that you didn’t want to put back in the bag!  But as Slinderella says, “I think there are going to be revelations in 7 days.”

Challenges are good though, they make you think and keep you focused on a goal and at the end of the day, 7 days isn’t really that long.  I can do it!

And this week the “tracking” journey continues….