Superbowl Sunday Victory x2

Today and will admit I had thoughts of buffalo chicken dip and lots of fried greasy food.  But much to my chagrin and trying to fit in too many errands before the game, I opted out of my friends Superbowl party and settled on my own couch.  Too exhausted to make some “football food” let alone go back out and get chicken wings and other fried goodies….I opted for some Activia Yogurt sprinkled with Special K Low-Fat Granola..  I’ll admit I had 3 or 4 oreos as well, but this is Superbowl Sunday after all!

Oh…and the Saints won too!  WHO DAT !!  So ladies and gents, we had two victories tonight I avoided traditional Superbowl traps AND New Orleans got a much needed and deserved boost!

P.S. Stay tuned for March Madness.  Tonight I avoided the food and made a good decision at home, but I’m going to put everything that I learned  to the test and we’ll see how I navigate sports parties!

And the journey continues…..