Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers Review – Ranch Vinaigrette

I was watching Oprah the other day (if you know me, you know I watch A LOT of Oprah).  She had Dr. Oz on and they were talking about the rise of Diabetes in American culture.  It was pretty alarming to see how much sugar is in regular Ranch Salad Dressing, I knew the fat in it was bad but the sugar content was a bit shocking.  I of course tried reduced fat and zero fat ranch dressings but none of them tasted very good to me – I had all but decided I had to give it up anyways since I’m cutting out unnecessary fat out of my diet.  

So I was looking for some new Salad Dressing to take to work when I spotted Wishbone Ranch Salad Spritzer.  With Oprah and Dr. Oz fresh in my head reminding me that ranch salad dressing had a bunch of sugar in it I decided to give this one a try.  I have had the spritzers before and enjoy the Asian flavored one but was a little apprehensive about what a “ranch vinaigrette” would taste like…but hey this is 2010 and I’m all about trying something new!

Much to my surprise, I LOVED it.  Of course it doesn’t taste like regular full fat ranch but it still tasted fantastic.  When you are on “plan” as I like to call my diet and exercise regimine, you learn to accept that things will rarely taste like the full fat version and you start to look to for AA’s (acceptable alternatives) that you can happily live with.   The nice things about the spray salad dressings is that you can evenly coat all of your salad without having to drench it.  As a side note, I am one of those people who like all of my lettuce leave to be evenly coated with dressing.  I still smile when I think of McDonalds Salad Shakers a true full coverage girls dream come true!  The spray bottle allows you to in 10 sprays evenly coat my leaves!  At 2 calories a spray you can’t beat that.

Verdict: Why on earth didn’t this exist 10 years ago….this is definitely an AA (acceptable alternative)!

Grade: A+